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Visa Direct Spots

Enabling Real-time Payments


In today’s always-on, hyper-connected age, money should move the way people do: with newfound mobility, confidence and freedom. Visa Direct brings that experience to life – powering the transformation from cash to real-time digital payments to debit and prepaid credit cards worldwide. To drive awareness among its B2B customer base, Visa turned to Intrepid to create a series of six 15 second commercials that illustrate the benefits of Visa Direct across different use cases.


Based on Visa’s brand architecture, we structured the spots with a “From/To” copy construct that focused on the transformational aspect of Visa Direct – how it changes what we know, to what’s possible. The white graphic to live action transition reflected the split-screen print campaign look and feel.

ClientVisaServicesStoryboarding, Art Direction, Live Action Production,


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