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Visa Tokenization

Securing the future of payments


Thanks to the Internet of Things, you can make payments from just about any device. Your phone, smart watch, refrigerator – you name it! But with all these devices storing and sending your payment data, the need for security is greater than ever. Luckily, Visa employs technology called “Tokenization” to keep your payment information hidden when you make digital transactions. That means your card number is not at risk of being stolen every time you order something online. Check out the video to learn how tokens make online transactions more secure!


In this explainer, we use visual metaphors to help get our point across. What’s it like to worry about your card being stolen? Well, it feels like the thief has the ability to pluck your card info straight out of thin air! But if that info was locked up tight… in something like… a metal safe, perhaps your card data would be much harder to reach! That’s exactly how Visa technology protects card users from fraud. Well, at least metaphorically. The visual style of this piece is consistent with the other videos we created in the educational series – a fun, stop-motion whimsical approach.

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