VisaNet “Just One Second”

Visa Just One Second Video

Visualizing the most powerful network on Earth


A lot of the things we do in life take just a second. Pouring a cup of coffee. Going through a subway turnstile. Straightening a tie. But not everything that happens in one second is so simple.

With VisaNet, the sheer volume of transactions that can be processed in just one second boggles the mind. But how do you visualize something that is invisible, demonstrates how that happens, and do it in a way that ordinary humans can relate to? That was our challenge to solve.


To make the video relatable, we put ourselves in the mindset of a business traveler from South Africa shopping for a gift for a daughter in a London curio shop, and then slowed time down to dramatize what happens during the transaction. Through content research and discussions with our client, we imagined, then created a conceptual, 3D animated world to visualize key processes in a typical transaction.

We wrote the script, shot the live action scene in a shop in San Francisco, edited, color-graded and mastered the video in our studio. A perfect example of how we make what we imagine.

ClientVisaServicesContent & Creative Strategy, Scripting, Location Production, 3D


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